FaceTime Audio in iOS7

by leeannm on July 28, 2013

in iOS7

One of the new features coming in iOS7 is FaceTime Audio which allows you to make audio calls over FaceTime. This means you no longer get charged for using minutes in your voice plans which is a great saving for making those international calls. Using the FaceTime App you can select your iOS contact and then make your call. (You will still need to make normal calls to your non-Apple contacts). You can choose to switch to video mode, or put them on hold or speaker and have a personal video conference.

It will be interesting to see how the telecommunication carriers respond to this. Will it push them to a more unified package of both data and call minutes or is this really the start of the end for voice minutes or a telecarrier relationship? I think it’s the start of the end because the voice app is simply just that. An app that provides voice functionality. Very soon we will be able to do that with the iPad as well.


Cracked iPhone Screen

July 3, 2012

It happens to thousands of people everyday. They drop their phone thinking the case will protect it, however imagine their horror when they pick it up to find the screen smashed to pieces. We take a look at the cheapest ways to repair the iphone 3G and iphone 4. It’s important to be aware that [...]

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How to Facetime

April 21, 2012

Facetime functionality came with the iPhone 4 which has 2 cameras. One on the front and one on the back, both of which can be used by Facetime. Facetime for iPhone is personal video calling. It actually feels comfortable to use even with other people around due to the personal nature of it. Perhaps it’s [...]

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iOS 5.1

March 12, 2012

iOS 5.1 is now available for download. Interesting that my iPhone did not show there was an update, even though it notified me last time. Hit me back with what’s wrong with my configuration setting if you can! Thanks to Apple, here are the Release Notes iOS 5.1 This update contains improvements and bug fixes, [...]

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iPhone Is Dead

February 13, 2012

My iPhone died today. It left me feeling sick to my stomach. I hadn’t backed it up for a long time, I only had some of my photos and videos in the iCloud and I had a number of notes that I hadn’t recorded elsewhere. I tried the iPhone hard reset a number of times, [...]

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What Attachments does the iPhone Support

February 3, 2012

The iPhone has a viewer which will display a number of known formats when you open an attachment. If it doesn’t recognise the format, then then you will just see the name of the file, but you won’t be able to download it. The formats that are supported by iOS5 are: Microsoft Office – *.doc; [...]

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Cool iPhone Weather App Tip

January 21, 2012
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I cannot believe I didn’t know about this cool iPhone Weather Tip! Is it new in iOS5 or have I been living under a rock for 3 years? Anyway, you can actually view hour by hour for the current day, simply by tapping on the actual day and it will give you the expected temperature [...]

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How to Add Signature to iPhone TXT Messages

January 5, 2012

Unless you have a jailbroken iPhone you cannot automatically add a signature to your SMS/TXT Messages when sending from an iPhone. However, there is a nice workaround for this in iOS5 using Shortcuts. To insert a Signature to your iPhone SMS or TXT messages go to: General Keyboard Add New Shortcut Enter the text you [...]

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Troubleshooting iPhone Calendar Sync

December 10, 2011
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Have you found that sometimes your iPhone Calendar does not appear to be synching with your Outlook Exchange Calendar? Some items are in sync and others may not be. We have found with Exchange 2007 SP1 some iPhone Calendars get out of Synch. We aren’t sure why! We have noticed the frequency is higher if [...]

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How to Setup Photo Stream

October 18, 2011
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With iOS5 came a wonderful feature of iCloud called Photo Stream. Photo Stream for the iPhone will let you take a photo on an iOS device and then wirelessly synchronize it to other iOS devices. This means you can take a photo on your iPhone and have it appear on your iPad. To setup Photo [...]

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The Best iOS5 Features

October 17, 2011
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Last week Apple released iOS5 packed with over 200 new features. What do we love the most?! There is a lot to choose from, but our 5 favorite iOS5 features are: The Notification Center – The Notification Centeris a new app where you can customize which applications you want to provide notifications for. It also [...]

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