3 Best Updates in iOS 4.1

by brett on September 29, 2010

in iOS4,iPhone 4

Having now used iOS 4.1 since it was freely available, these are the top 3 updates myself and my users have found.

3G Performance – The performance of the 3G phone has improved drastically with 4.1. Whilst it does not have the snappiness and responsiveness of pre iOS4 days, it certainly does not have the sluggish feel of iOS 4. It’s time to love the 3G again!

Proximity Sensor – Some users reported problems with the iPhone 4 Proximity Sensor. So far, users have reported a thumbs up on this one.

Bluetooth Users that paired their previously fine 3GS iPhone to Bluetooth devices, reported poor audio quality with their iPhone 4 upgrades. Some of our users still report poor quality, whilst others report greater improvement. Does anyone else still have a problem with Bluetooth?

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