5 Important Tips For Iphone Users

by leeannm on April 23, 2010

in iPhone Tips

Owning any cell phone has some requirements for both care and usage.  Each phone has a basic set of requirements for keeping it in the best shape and allowing you to get the most out of your phone during its, hopefully long, life time.

Battery life is a key aspect for most phones and the iPhone is no exception, especially since it has so many other features besides just being a phone.  A few things you can do with the iPhone to maximize your battery life when you’re not using it are to turn off a few of the features that it offers. Turn off fetching new data along with the wifi. Your phone doesn’t need to seek new wireless networks while it is in your car or pocket so don’t waste the juice it offers. You can also turn the brightness down and have the auto lock go on after 1 minute. Little things can go a long way when it comes to extending battery life.

Another key aspect many people overlook is the amount of data that will be used on the network. Make sure that your iPhone has the plan which will allow the large amounts of data transmission to occur without costing you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in overage fees which rack up quite quickly without even realizing it.

A protection plan is essential for most phones and the iPhone is most certainly no exception. It is pretty much a guarantee that your phone will be used every day and sometimes for several hours. If something goes wrong you don’t want to have to splurge on a new phone when a protection plan will keep you and your phone safe for up to 2 years after your purchase date. It offers both hardware and software support so you can seek it for any issue you may encounter. You need to keep your investments secure and a protection plan is the most secure way to accomplish this with the lowest expense to your wallet.

The iPhone is essentially a small computer so it needs to be treated like one. This includes delicate car when it comes to the elements such as rain or snow. Be sure to keep your phone dry by using a case, your pocket, or in your purse to avoid any water getting onto the electrical components.  Also avoid shaking it too much or you may jar the electrical components. Use an armband if you want to work out with it to lessen any impact on the iPhone directly.

Use programs to keep your iPhone and computer synced together. There is no need to waste time indivisally updating your iPhone when you can use an application which will do the work for you. Time is better spent on things besides updating contacts on your phone or other music or data collections you may add.

iPhones are more than just phones and with these tips you may be able to extend both its life and give yourself the best experience possible with it.

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