Apple IPhone Tips: 5 More Tips to Better Efficiency

by leeannm on April 23, 2010

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Are you really making the best use of your spanking new iPhone? You did buy it because of all the new features that you can take advantage of right? Well, are you making use of everything? Here is another list of 10 quick tips you can use to make better use of your iPhone. Using these tips will make your iPhone your friend, and allow you to improve your efficiency and get faster at taking full advantage of your cool new gadget. Let’s get started.

1. Share your URLs

Let’s say you are surfing the web and you come across something that you really want to share with your friends. Instead of copying and pasting the URL into an e-mail you just have to create, tap the Address Bar, then tap Share. A new e-mail message, containing the URL, will open in Mail; just choose a recipient(s), add any comments you want to include, and tap Send.

2. Pick where you listen to voicemail

If you’ve got a Bluetooth headset, incoming calls get routed there automatically-not so when you call up Visual Voicemail. However, an Audio button on the Visual Voicemail screen lets you set where you listen to your message: the handset, the built-in speaker, or a Bluetooth headset. Your iPhone can differentiate between the different settings. As with the iPod, the iPhone lets you set the speed of audiobook playback.

3. Find another way to scroll through Contacts

Everyone knows that you can scroll through the Contacts list on your iPhone two different ways-either flick your finger on the list to scroll up or down, or tap on one of the letters on the alphabet running down the right side of the screen to jump to contacts beginning with that letter. But there is a third way: hold your finger on the alphabetical list and then slide up and down-you’ll be able to scroll through your Contacts in a more controlled manner than by flicking your finger. The flicking finger method can get tiring after a while because it is less accurate.

4. Scroll through separate boxes on a Web page

If you encounter a scrolling box or list when surfing Safari on your iPhone-say you’re responding to a post at the Macworld forums -and try to scroll using your finger, you’ll find that the entire page scrolls, instead of just the box. The trick is to zoom in and scroll such areas with two fingers. Basically what is happening is when you are on a full-page your iPhone doesn’t know what you are trying to do. By zooming in your iPhone will recognize the box within the page.

5. Save time in driving directions

One of the primary uses for the iPhone’s Map application is to get driving directions. Both the starting point and destination fields offer the Bookmarks button, so you can quickly use a bookmark, recent location, or contact when searching for directions. The first thing you should do in Maps is find your own address and then bookmark it-this will make finding directions to and from locations as easy as tapping your home bookmark. It is a good idea to bookmark all of your frequent destinations as they will all eventually become points of origin.

So what are you waiting for? Get started now and squeeze every bit out of your iPhone.

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