Apple IPhone Tips: Even More Tips For Getting Better Use of Your Mobile

by leeannm on April 23, 2010

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In this final look at tips you can put to use today on your iPhone, we focus on the mail features and some web browsing. There are things you can do to bet better use of, and take advantage of your mail applications. Ready? Here we go!

1. Make a call from Safari

If you are in the Safari web browser, and you are searching for a number, when you find it you don’t need to close out the Safari and go into the phone mode to make the call. All you have to do is tap the number and iPhone will dial it for you. This also works with phone numbers and URL that may be embedded in e-mails and text messages. If you tap on the phone number or the URL you are iPhone will make the call or open the webpage.

2. Avoid Mail confusion

Save yourself the hassle of creating mail confusion. If you name more than one e-mail account with the same name, your phone will get confused and your settings will be copied from one account to the other. You cannot fix the situation by simply renaming one account. You will need to delete one of the accounts and then re-create it. If your mail settings get large and you can’t remember or you are not sure if you’ve already created the account, instead of just creating it again it’s worth a few extra seconds to double check.

3. Mark previously-read messages as unread

If you are a heavy e-mail user at first glance it doesn’t here to be any way to mark a read message. There doesn’t seem to be any kind of tab for the unread setting. But it is in there. While viewing a message, tap Details, which reveals a Mark As Unread option; tap it, and the next time you view your Inbox, the message will display the Unread indicator.

4. Recover ‘lost’ e-mails

What happens when you try to send an e-mail which are iPhone can’t get Internet access? did you just lose that message? You might think your message has disappeared completely, but don’t worry-it’s still on your phone. A temporary Outgoing folder is created, and the message winds up in there. You can access this temporary folder from the main screen of the sending account. Once the message has been sent the folder will disappear once network access is available and the message is sent.

5. Create e-mail folders

Well, actually, you can’t create e-mail folders on the iPhone. What you can do, however, with an IMAP e-mail account is create folders on the IMAP server-for example, if you have a .Mac account, using the .Mac Web Mail interface. Those folders will then appear on the iPhone, and their contents will-eventually-be synced between the iPhone and the server. If you are not set up with a .Mac account then you really should get one.

Take full advantage of your iPhone, and start enjoying all of those features. What are you waiting for?

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