FaceTime Audio in iOS7

by leeannm on July 28, 2013

in iOS7

One of the new features coming in iOS7 is FaceTime Audio which allows you to make audio calls over FaceTime. This means you no longer get charged for using minutes in your voice plans which is a great saving for making those international calls. Using the FaceTime App you can select your iOS contact and then make your call. (You will still need to make normal calls to your non-Apple contacts). You can choose to switch to video mode, or put them on hold or speaker and have a personal video conference.

It will be interesting to see how the telecommunication carriers respond to this. Will it push them to a more unified package of both data and call minutes or is this really the start of the end for voice minutes or a telecarrier relationship? I think it’s the start of the end because the voice app is simply just that. An app that provides voice functionality. Very soon we will be able to do that with the iPad as well.

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