How to Delete iPhone Apps from iCloud

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by leeannm on August 6, 2011

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Remember all those iPhone Apps that you purchased or downloaded for free and then decided you didn’t want them? They have now come back to haunt you! With the new iCloud feature introduced in iOS 4.3.3 you can view your purchase history including those you thought you had deleted ages ago.

But you cannot at the moment, remove iPhone Apps from iCloud. This is a pain in the butt as far as I’m concerned. I deleted those apps for a reason and I don’t want to see them again.

No they won’t go with your phone if you sell it e because they are associated with your iTunes account but this is no good if you share your iTunes account with your partner.

All your App purchases can be viewed under the App Store, Updates, Purchased and tapping Not on this iPhone. You will see all your app purchase history and those not on your iPhone.

What are your thoughts on this? Should Apple include a Delete from Purchase History button or should your apps live with you forever?

Our tip for today….don’t download anything you would not want your partner, colleague or children to see.

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