How to Manage your Time

by brett on September 1, 2010

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Too busy to do anything? – Get back on track with your iPhone and manage your time more efficiently with these tips.

Today’s’ lives are cluttered with e-mails, social networking and web browsing not to mention organising work calendars, co-ordinating social calendars and school diaries.  If you suffer from information overload or are too busy to do anything then grab your iPhone and let’s get it sorted!

Tip #1 – First up, you need to unsubscribe from all those e-mail lists.  You never get to read them, so unsubscribe from them and save yourself the stress of having a bunch of unread e-mails in your mailbox.

Tip #2 – Use an e-mail program which will provide synchronization features between your iPhone and your desktop.  We like Microsoft Exchange as most corporates use this and the calendaring feature is a life saver.  This means you can collect e-mail wherever you are and respond even if you are not at a desktop

Tip #3 – Combine all your business and personal appointments into a single calendar.  This will ensure you don’t have appointment clashes and allows you to more easily keep track of your personal and business appointments.

Tip #4 – Add your Social Networking applications to your iPhone if you use them.  Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have free, easy to use iPhone Apps that can be installed easily.  It means you can be mobile yet still keep in touch with your social and professional networks.

Tip #5 – Take some time to organise your photos into folders.  If your iPhone isn’t organised, you aren’t organised.

Tip #6 – Your iPhone is a communication device.  It can connect directly to the Internet using Internet tethering.  This is very cool, because it no longer means you need to carry and pay for mobile data cards.  This simplifies what you need to carry around with you to stay mobile.

Tip #7 – Have faith and make the leap to manage your life on one device.  Give the iPod and digital camera to your kids. Give your 3G data card back to your IT department and throw away your old mobile.  No longer do you need to manage multiple devices!

Using the iPhone is a beautiful experience and its simplicity, good looks and ease of use make it an absolute must have in organising your digital life.  For more tips and tricks on getting the most out of your iPhone

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