How to use the iPhone Keyboard

by leeannm on May 17, 2010

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The iPhone keyboard is very different to use from a typical smartphone. For a starters, you need to use the tip of your finger rather than the side which most other QWERTY smartphones use. Once you have mastered this change, you will find the iPhone keyboard to be a beautiful thing to use!

It’s intelligent enough to correct your spelling mistakes, add punctuation and make suggestions from it’s own internal dictionary. To ignore the suggested word, just press the x on the suggested word and the iPhone will continue as you type. Not only that, it’s smart enough to add capitals at the start of the sentence! You don’t need to remember to do that anymore!

If you want to move to another part of your typing, just touch and hold your finger on the word you want to edit. A magnifier will come up and you can slide your finger along the sentence if want to edit different words.

Easily switch between the alpha and numeric numbers just by pressing the .?123 key or the arrow key to switch to upper case.

You can further customise the iPhone keyboard by going to:


By default, Caps lock is off so, however if you do a lot of shouting in your e-mails or TXT messages you can turn this on.

Finally if you find the iPhone is too smart for you, you can also turn off auto-correction and auto-capitalization!

How cool is that?!

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