iOS 4.2

by leeannm on November 10, 2010

in iOS4

Rumours have it that Apple are due to release iTunes 10.1 on Wednesday and iOS 4.2 on Friday.

We are looking forward to the 4.2 release as we expect to see greater performance improvements for the 3G iPhone as well as aligning the iOS versions and functionality between the iPhone and the iPad.

Since upgrading from version 3.13 to 4, iPhone 3G users have continuously reported performance problems. 4.1 provided some improvement, however the snappiness has long since gone.

4.2 is also meant to address the daylight savings bug we reported here as well.

Another key feature 4.2 reportedly delivers is AirPrint which will let you print to supported printers on the same wireless network.

Make sure you backup your iPhone before you do upgrade!

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