iOS 4.31 Problems

by leeannm on March 31, 2011

in iOS4,iPhone 4

Ok, we have had iOS 4.31 installed on the iPad 1, 2 and iPhone 4 since it came out a few days ago.  Whatever it fixed was certainly not an issue for us!  However the  issues are still there for us even with 4.31.

The battery drain continues with each device redlining by days end.  That’s 8 hours of pretty light usage.  The iPhone would be 100% charged when I go to bed and by morning would be sitting at 85%.  E-Mail is set to manual, notifications are off, the standard location services are off and basically everything else that makes the iPhone cool is either turned down or off.

Wifi coverage still seems sparodic and not particularly strong.  Works beautifully on other wireless devices in the household, but not the iDevices.

Both the iPhone and the iPad can be quite unresponsive at times when locked.  Swiping to unlock does not occur and can take several swipes before the devices kick back into action.   Even pressing the home button can be a repetitive task.

Have there been any other reported problems with 4.31?

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