iPhone 4 – It’s almost here!

by brett on June 3, 2010

in iOS4

There is much anticipation with the expected announcement by Steve Jobs at Apple’s Developer conference of the iPhone 4.   This is what has typically occurred in the past and we hope this year will be no different!

The timing is right for many of the original 3G users who have now been running their phone for 2 years and will likely be coming out of their contracts.

There have been several well publicized breaches on this iPhone which has been unheard of in the past with Apple’s  security, particularly with Gizmodo.

So what do we know?  Well of course it can’t be confirmed, however it is rumoured the iPhone 4 has the following:

  • The camera has a flash.  This would be fantastic if it was true!  Also it would be great if the camera was upgraded to at least 5 megapixel and had a zoom function, both features would make it a worthy replacement of your standard personal camera.
  • It is rumoured there is a front facing camera as well.  This would suggest some form of face to face video conferencing or web cam functionality would also be present.
  • The pictures have been floating around for a couple of months now, and if true these would suggest a change in form factor with a slightly flatter and slimmer body.
  • The battery is larger meaning you can do more for longer and who wouldn’t want to on this device!
  • The screen display is expected to be a higher resolution, possibly mimicking that of the iPad.

Of course none of this can be confirmed, although we all await in eager anticipation to Apple’s announcement!

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