iPhone and iPad Data Connections

by leeannm on April 13, 2011

in Roaming

The iPhone and iPad continue to try to make data connections even when they are not in use. When overseas this can be very costly.
Recommendation 1: – Turn off your mobile data connection unless you need to check Mail then turn it on again.

Tap General, Network, Cellular Data Off

The alternative to 3G data connections is to use wi-fi which depending on the location and the carrier can be free or paid for.

Recommendation 2: – Turn ‘Ask to Join Networks’ on so that you will be prompted for Joining a wireless network

Some of these may be free in which case your mail will begin downloading automatically. Others may not and you will be prompted for credit card details in your browser.

A Hotel or Convention Center may be offering wireless as part of their service in which case you may be provided with a Network Key and Security type to enter into a new Wireless connection.

To do this tap Other and enter the Details provided. Once successfully authenticated, your wi-fi connection will become the primary connection over the 3G connection.

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