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by leeannm on July 30, 2011

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How to Setup your iPhone’s connection to Exchange Mail

If you have a Corporate Exchange Server you should be able to setup mail synchronization to your iPhone from the Exchange server.
Tap Settings
Tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars

iphone mail settings





Tap Add Account

Tap Microsoft Exchange

iphone exchange account






Enter your E-mail address, Domain, Username and Password and tap Next

enter domain on iphone






Enter your company’s server name and tap Next. (You may need to ask your IT Department for this). This will be your Active Synch server and most companies call them something like OMA.COMPANYNAME.COM or WEBMAIL.COMPANYNAME.COM or similar.

Your iPhone will then verify your account to make sure you have typed in the right username and password.

You will then be prompted to select what you want to synchronize on your iPhone with your Outlook.  If Microsoft Exchange is your primary account then you will most likely want to synchronize your Mail, Contacts and Calendars to your iPhone. Tap Save.

Note that you can only have one set of Contacts on your iPhone. You cannot have both your SIM card contacts and Exchange Contacts. Our recommendation is to use your Exchange Contacts as your primary contact database as your Exchange server is most likely backed up and you can ensure you have the same contacts on any other devices like the iPad that you may synchronize as well.
Let your iPhone synchronize your mail, contacts and calendar. This may take a few minutes depending on the speed of your connection and size of the mailbox.

Configure your iPhone Synchronization

Tap Settings
Tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars

iphone mail settings





Tap your Exchange Account

In here you can set the number of Days to Sync as well as which Mail folders to Push down. You will probably want your Inbox.

days to sync on iphone





If you tap Exchange and then go back to your Mail, Contacts, Calendars and scroll down you can further configure Exchange synchronization.

Here you can configure the number of messages you wish to display on your iPhone, the sort order of your Contacts etc.
In here you can also configure how to receive your mail either by pushing it out automatically or manually fetching it yourself. Fetch New Data is set to Push by default, but you may wish to change this if you want to conserve battery.

Troubleshooting your Exchange Mail Account

But what if your iPhone does not synchronize with your Exchange account or you have ongoing sync issues?
First some background, the iPhone supports the Active sync protocol that establishes a connection direct to the Exchange Server which identifies the device, the user and the folders it should monitor. At this stage, this is the Inbox, Calendar and Contacts. The iPhone does not support synchronizing Outlook notes or tasks at this time.
You should check the basics first:

  • Make sure you are typing your password in correctly. Your password is case sensitive.
  • Ensure your Exchange Account hasn’t been locked out or disabled. You may need to check with your IT Administrator on this.
  • Make sure you are entering the right exchange server in the server name when configuring your iPhone. This is not your internal exchange server which will be something like exchange.companyname.com. It will be your public facing active sync server which is also used for configuring mail synchronization on windows mobile devices.
  •  The Domain Name is your internal Active Directory domain. Once again check with your IT Administrator if you are not sure.

If you get errors like ‘Connection to the Server Failed’ when trying to download mail try:

  •  Hard resetting the phone by holding down the Home Button and the Off key for 8 seconds.
  • Deleting the Exchange account on your iPhone
  • Set it up again and add a / to the server name.

But sometimes you simply can’t get it to work. If this is the case you will need to find out what version of Exchange Server you are running. The iPhone supports:

  • Exchange 2010
  • Exchange 2007 SP1
  • Exchange 2003 SP2

If you are running an earlier version of Exchange that does not support the iPhone, then you may need to see if you can set up your iPhone with IMAP. Talk to your IT Administrator about these options.

Check the Exchange Connectivity Tester
Apple’s Business Integration

If synchronization is slower after updating to iOS 4.0 then try installing a configuration file on your iPhone that increases the time it waits for the Exchange server.

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