iPhone Is Dead

by leeannm on February 13, 2012

in iPhone 4,iPhone Tips,Troubleshooting

My iPhone died today. It left me feeling sick to my stomach. I hadn’t backed it up for a long time, I only had some of my photos and videos in the iCloud and I had a number of notes that I hadn’t recorded elsewhere.

I tried the iPhone hard reset a number of times, which is when you hold the home key and the off switch together for about 8 seconds. I did this multiple times, with no success.

I thought perhaps the power was completely flat, even though it had been at 100% full charge a couple of hours earlier. I plugged it into several power sources with no success.

By this time the prospect of having a dead iPhone overnight was becoming a reality and I really was starting to panic.

Then by chance I plugged some earphones in, unplugged them and then plugged them back in again. All of a sudden my iPhone sprang to life! Why? What happened here?

and yes, I have just backed it up!

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