iPhone Lifespan

by leeannm on May 12, 2010

in Should you get an iPhone?

Is the iPhone one of the more robust mobile devices available? Have you been sitting on the fence wondering whether you should get one and have been held back on making a big investment on a device that may not see out the foreseeable future?

Having now had the iPhone for almost 2 years, I have found it to be one of the most robust devices on the market excluding ruggedized mobiles and it is only recently I have started protecting it with a rubber case and screen protector.

I have treated my iPhone with the utmost respect since we have been together, but occasionally it has been a victim of my negligence. It has survived a couple of 4 foot drops on to wooden floors and concrete. It has skidded across tables numerous times, not to mention sticky kids hands, ear wax, the odd splash of liquid and rough rides in the handbag.

The thing with the iPhone is it’s easy to clean, lunch crumbs can’t get caught in the keys, there aren’t any moving parts that can wear out, even the home button gives no indication that is has been well worn. On a light day I pressed this button 29 times, so after 2 years there have been at least 21,170 pushes of that home button and it still feels like new!

So, if your contract is up and you are still sitting on the iPhone fence, then get off it! The iPhone is one of the more robust devices on the market. Go buy, then come back to iPhoneNewbie to set up.

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