iPhone Roaming Costs

by leeannm on April 9, 2011

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When you take your iPhone and iPad overseas you are roaming and different charges apply to your plan. The roaming charge to all countries can be very high on standard roaming rates.

To reduce the costs when roaming, the following can be done:

1. Turn off Data Roaming and only turn it on when you need to get e-mail. We recommend doing this so the iPhone(and iPad) do not continuously try to make connections to the outside world for e-mail updates, GPS notifications, stockmarket updates etc. This can be done as soon as you get on the plane.

NB: Data Roaming is Off by default on the iPad. You must turn Cellular Data on and Data Roaming on to use E-mail and the Internet when overseas.
To turn off:
For the iPad
• Tap Settings
• Tap Cellular Data
• Turn Off

For the iPhone
• Tap Settings
• Tap network
• Cellular Data – Turn off

2. The iPhone and iPad can automatically check your inbox and download e-mails including attachments which can lead to very high roaming costs. A good way to manage this is to switch your phone/iPad into Fetch mode
• Tap Settings
• Tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars
• Tap Fetch New Data
• Slide the Push Slider to Off
• Tap Manually

3. Don’t download new iPad or iPhone Applications or update existing ones.

4. Keep web browsing to a minimum.

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