OS4 install

by leeannm on June 23, 2010

in iOS4

I have spent a day with OS4 on my iPhone 3G. It took close to two hours to backup, download, extract and install the software. The 3GS is much quicker.

Performance is sluggish on the 3G. Tapping an option, even the built in clock, seems slower. The interface is slicker, with a rounder feel to some of the icons. The Calendar has an annoying view of your day, which then disappears after a couple of seconds for a couple of seconds then come back.

I thought I would dislike the mixing of my personal and business life with the unified inbox, but in actual fact I think I could get used to the mental shift when administering my e-mails.

Its either been a busy day for me or OS4, but the battery was certainly sagging by the end of it. Will give it a good charge up tonight and see if tomorrow fares any better.

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