Scratchproof and Smashproof your iPhone 4

by brett on August 9, 2010

in iPhone 4,iPhone Tips

The new iPhone 4 is reportedly a lot more scratch resistant than it’s precedessors which seem to pick up scratches quite easily.  Despite what people say, glass can be scratched and we recommend you do put a protective case on it regardless.   Apple are giving away free bumpers at the moment anyway!

My  3G and 3GS iPhones managed to withstand several drops on the floor, however whilst the iPhone 4 looks resilient enough, the front and back cladding is glass meaning there is a higher chance of it shattering.  Indeed an Australian student found out a few hours after he bought the phone and accidentally dropped it on concrete just how resilient it wasn’t!

Grab a bumper whilst they are free and use it to protect your phone as well as it’s reception.

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