The Best iOS4 Tips so Far!

by leeannm on July 7, 2010

in iOS4

1. When typing SMS Test Messages you now get a character count that tells you how many characters you have typed so far out of 160. You do need to type in more than one line before this will pop up. Don’t forget to turn this feature on under Settings and Messages.

2. Unified Inbox – This is a new feature in iOS4 which enables you to see the content from all your Mail Accounts in one unified Inbox. If you prefer to separate your home and work life, then you can continue to have separate mailboxes.

3. You can now feel safer passcode locking your screen as Passcode Lock can now be longer than 4 numbers! Don’t forget to turn Simple Passcode off.

4. You can either delete or archive mail. If Archive is turned on, you will see the Delete button in mail change to archive when you go to delete mail, so this may need to be turned off under Mail Options.

5. Places under Camera will show you the places that you have taken photos! Is this big brother or what?!

6. Spell Check is finally here! A wiggly line will highlight the suspected misspelt word which you can double tap and hopefully come up with the right word. Awesome!

7. You now get now get an exclamation mark beside the Messages icon if you haven’t managed to successfully send a text.

8. Shake it gently, and you will get a landscaped view of your Camera Roll.

9. There is now an Accounts view of Notes which you can choose to view all, just those on your iPhone or those that have synchronised with your e-mail account. Unfortunately Microsoft Exchange Notes are not yet supported.

10. Mail supports threading which is where emails or conversations that are related to each other are grouped. If you are used to Exchange 2010 or Gmail you will be familiar with this.

If you are still running version 3, then check here for our best tips.

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frances mcmillan July 7, 2010 at 9:13 pm

Hi, great tips! I have found there is quite a big difference between what is not available on the 3G vs 3GS. Some of the great features like % battery use are not available for the 3G version

LesleyW July 7, 2010 at 9:17 pm

I’d like to know how the photos capture the location they were taken. Is this part of location services?

sue July 8, 2010 at 9:48 am

Hi, I believe the iphone always used to capture the gps location of photos, but it was only in ios4 that you were able to see this information.

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