iPhone Tips

iOS4 Text Messages

August 5, 2010

There have been a couple of updates to Text Messaging under iOS4.    The first is you now get a character count when typing your text messages.  This is on by default, however if yours isn’t working go check under Settings, Messages and select Character  Count. You will need to type a line of text [...]

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What is jail breaking?

August 4, 2010

Jailbreaking is a process that allows third party applications that have not been signed by Apple to run on iPhones that have had their operating systems unlocked thereby allowing root access. One of the benefits therefore of jail breaking is that you can now access a whole heap of third party applications that you don’t [...]

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iPhone Camera

August 3, 2010

The iPhone has become very successful in blending multiple devices into one,  and the camera is no exception. The iPhone 4 comes with a beautiful 5 mega pixel camera with flash for low light photos and a 5x digital zoom.  Additionally, you can activate the front facing camera with one tap and take your own [...]

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iPhone Keyboard Tricks

August 2, 2010

Using the keyboard on the iPhone is a breeze.  The best thing you can do is to trust the iPhone to correct your spelling as you type as opposed to going back, deleting what you have typed and putting in the correct word. You can also: Tap the space bar twice and it will put [...]

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IOS4 on iPhone 3G

August 1, 2010

There have been many reports of sluggish performance on the iPhone 3G since users upgraded to iOS4. One recommendation one of my users suggested was to disable Spotlight Search. Try this yourself and see if there are any improvements. Settings, General, Home button, SpotlightSearch and turn off all the search attributes.

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Top 5 iPhone 4 Tips

July 31, 2010

With the new iOS4 operating system for the iPhone comes a number of cool tips to keep you productive!  Here are the 5 we like Use the Character Count in Text Messaging – Turn this feature on under Settings and Messages and you will now be able to see your character count when you type [...]

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Zoom on iOS4 Camera

July 21, 2010

Camera Zoom has arrived on iOS4! You can use this very cool feature by going into your camera and then tapping your screen. A slider screen will appear at the bottom which you can use to drag and zoom! Very cool.

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More Cool iOS4 Tips!

July 17, 2010

Camera Zoom – iOS4 provides a 5x camera zoom even on the 3G!  Tap to make it appear and wait a few seconds for it to disappear. Search through your TXT messages – You can now pull down your Search bar at the top of your Messages, and search through your SMS messages iBooks – [...]

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3 Security ‘Features’ You Should Know About your iPhone

July 15, 2010

The iPhone has a built-in keyboard logger. This means everything you type into the keyboard is logged into the cache The Remote Wipe features can be bypassed if the sim card is removed. Every time you press the Home button on your iPhone, it takes a screen shot of the last thing you were doing [...]

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Don’t let your Contacts Manage you.

July 10, 2010

Your contacts list keeps you in touch with everyone else and there are several ways to do this. By tapping the Contacts icon you will see a list of your contacts in alphabetical order. To find a contact you can either flick through the list or tap the letters to the right of the screen. [...]

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Customize your Callers

July 10, 2010

One of the features I really like is the ability to customize the ring tone of a caller. This means you can assign a different ring tone for each contact or if you prefer to have different tones to distinguish between business or personal contacts. To customize a ring tone, simply go into the Contact, [...]

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