Top 10 iPhone Tips

by leeannm on June 25, 2010

in iPhone Tips

We have put together our top list of iPhone tips to keep you productive! If you are running iOS4, then check out our best tips so far!

1. Take a Screen Shot of your iPhone
This is one of our favourites, but how often have you wanted to take a snapshot of your screen and send to someone? Just hold down the Home button and press the power button at the same time. Your screen shot will be saved in your Camera Roll

2. Reboot your iPhone
Occasionally you may find your iPhone stops responding or your iphone freezes. To do a hard reset, just hold down the Home button and press the power button together for about 8 seconds.
3. Shortcut to your Favorites
Your Favorites are your frequently called Contacts. To get to them quickly, just double press the Home button.

4. Use a Scientific Calculator
The iPhone has a simple calculator in portrait mode, however if you flick the phone into landscape you get a Scientific Calculator!

5. Create Shortcuts to your Favourite Websites
If you have some favourite sites you like to go to in Safari, rather than typing them into the Address Bar each time, just press the + key and tap Add to Home Screen. You can then go direct to it from a link on your Home screen.

6. Control your contacts
You can move up and down your Contact list by selecting either the letter or flicking up and down the contact list. An easier and more manageable way is to hold your finger down on the letters and move up and down. This is more controllable than flicking through them.

7. Save an Image in Safari
To save an image from Safari, just press and hold the image. You will be prompted to save the image which will be put into your Camera Roll.

8. Double Space for a Full Stop
This is a great little tip and saves heaps of time! Instead of pressing the 123 button to get to the full stop key, just press the space bar quickly for a full stop. It will automatically respace everything as well.

9. Switch between Home Screens
Instead of using your finger to swipe between screens, just tap on the bottom right hand corner above the docking bar. To back, tap the left hand corner.

10. Set Parental Controls
If your iPhone is used by kids, you can block certain applications from running or disallow certain explicit content.

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ebrown June 28, 2010 at 8:07 pm

Great tips. Another one of my favourite tips is to tap the top bar when you need to scroll to the top quickly.

Simon June 29, 2010 at 7:32 pm

My best tip is if you are in a meeting and your phone rings, you can silence it but not hang up the call by pressing the top off key.

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