Troubleshooting iPhone Calendar Sync

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by leeannm on December 10, 2011

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Have you found that sometimes your iPhone Calendar does not appear to be synching with your Outlook Exchange Calendar? Some items are in sync and others may not be.

We have found with Exchange 2007 SP1 some iPhone Calendars get out of Synch. We aren’t sure why! We have noticed the frequency is higher if you have multiple Apple devices synching to the same Exchange Mailbox.

The quickest way to troubleshoot iPhone Calendar Sync’ing is not to bother troubleshooting, but simply reinitiate a synch. Do this by:

1. Go int your Mail, Contact, Calendar option in iPhone Settings
2. Select the Exchange Account
3. Turn Calendar Synchronization off and select Delete from my iPhone
4. Turn Calendar Synchornization on again.

Sometimes it just isn’t worth Troubleshooting when it’s so easy to set up Calendar Synching again!

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