What are QR Codes?

by leeannm on December 28, 2010

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qr code

QR Code

QR Codes, like the one here are similar to bar codes, but can hold a lot more information as they are two dimensional. They encode data both horizontally and vertically whereas a barcode encodes data horizontally.

QR Codes are used for mobile phones like the iPhone to quickly link to a website or accept an offer or to share contact information such as business cards or quick access to a Facebook page or product link.

QR Codes are becoming increasingly common on the likes of Real Estate boards, business cards and magazines as it eliminates the need to type in long web addresses on a smartphone.

There are a number of QR code readers available for the iPhone such as i-nigma.

If you download a QR reader on your iPhone, then activate it on the QR code on this page, you will see that it takes you the iPhoneNewbie free download book.

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